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Local Moving Services

Only use trust-based moving services and save the stress of moving to your new place. Jump Street Movers has made the moving process a flawless experience. You can take advantage of our fully customizable moving services to fit your unique needs.

Our targeted local moving services include:

Jump Streets Movers’ local moving services tailor the moving services to fit your needs.

Our Custom Prices Include

  • Furniture packing and bubble wrapping
  • Packing delicate items like lamps, electronics, flat-screen TV’s, computers, mirrors, paintings, small sculptures, glass/marble, and hanging clothes.
  • Floor, corner and hallway protection
  • All labor, perks, and travel expenses

We provide extra moving services when you request them, these services include:

  • Short or Long-Term Storage solutions
  • Antiques and artwork custom packing
  • TV and audio careful packing
  • Custom crating needs
  • Special boxes delivery

Urban Environment Moving

Knowing the safest and fastest routes to reach from point A to point B in Urban Massachusetts neighborhoods will give you peace of mind on your move. Jump Streets Movers has mastered the local moving process. Learning through practical experience in the field has allowed us to avoid pitfalls and craft the best moving plan for your unique needs. Our team is a solution-based firm with professionally trained personnel. We upload all your relevant account data specific to your move. We develop a custom moving plan the moment we talk to you on the phone or in person at your house. Our ultimate goal is to make your move effective and stress-free.

Some challenges urban moving face include:

  • Elevator restrictions: When moving into a building, elevator access must be reserved during designated times.
  • Small elevators: Taking care of high amounts of inventory and large items requires a lot of time and energy.
  • Month end: There are many people moving at the end of the month, making elevators and stairways busy. Your move will go more smoothly if you reserve elevators in advance.
  • Certificate of Insurance: Moving companies must have a certification of insurance to ensure that the building management carries adequate insurance coverage in case an accident occurs.
  • Compact living spaces: As some items may not fit into the building elevator or tight stairways, you may need to use a rig to move them.

What To Look For When Choosing A Local Moving Company

It is important to research local moving companies and choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

You should weigh these factors when choosing a local moving company:

  • A licensed and insured moving company should be your first choice
  • Make sure the company has experience and a good reputation
  • Referrals from family and friends are highly recommended
  • Look at a company’s pricing structure and whether flat rates are available
Let’s schedule your move today to make your transition to your new home seamless.

Paying By the Hour vs Based on Inventory

When you are paying for a local move by the hour, a guaranteed price is not given. This can result in unexpected costs and fees once your move is completed.

At Jump Streets Movers we price your local move using a flat rate formula. The Formula prices all-inclusive moved by:

  • Inventory: total cubic feet of your inventory
  • Distance: how far your are moving from origin to destination
  • Complexity: how simple or complicated moving your inventory may be due to weight, size or value of your belongings

By pricing based on inventory and the flat rate formula, we are able to offer a guaranteed flat rate price for your move with no unexpected hidden fees or costs. This includes travel expenses and labor. Pricing by the hour can:

  • Be subject to change
  • Increase the cost of your move that you didn’t expect
  • Does not have a guaranteed price
  • Prices can change due to travel expenses, parking tickets and more

Local moving services

Storage Services

We complement our moving services with secure, climate-controlled storage units throughout the country. Jump Streets Movers offers short-term, and long-term storage options at our traditional package price.

Packing & Unpacking Services

Taking care of your inventory is what makes professional packing an art form. We have developed a process to ensure we do every packing job with the greatest care. To streamline our packing process and make your move easy and simple, we use only high-quality materials and the latest technology.

Antiques Furniture & Art Moving

You should pay special attention to your artwork since it is an investment. We pack and prepare all paintings, large sculptures, and complete exhibitions with our expert art movers with customized artwork packing. You can rest assured that your antique furniture pieces are protected to the highest degree and meet all insurance requirements.

Expert Piano Movers

Entrust your piano move to professionals who understand its soul and can orchestrate the perfect move for this cherished instrument and pianos of all shapes and sizes. Take the time to meticulously prepare your beloved instrument. Secure the lid firmly, cover it in the warmth of blankets, and use specialized equipment and delicate padding to shield its sensitive parts. Carefully chart the route, and ensure to convey all necessary details about the piano’s location.

Custom Furniture Crating

When special items require specialized packing, our Chelsea-based wood shop can come up with custom storage and packing solutions. Whether it is craters for antiques, sculptures, non-standard furniture, chandeliers or any other unique item, we can make it work.

Accurate & Fair Local Moving Quotes

Calculate the cost of moving by taking into account the location, date, and size of the move, as well as the required time, trucks, and crew. Analyze inventory data provided by the client to develop accurate estimates. Make sure your estimate includes handicaps for stairs and elevators based on your Google Maps view of the destination.