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Are you in need of an expert relocation company for commercial and local office moves? When you want to ensure the company's credentials and legitimacy, you have come to the right place.

Office Moving Services You Can Trust

As a business owner, Jump Street Movers understands the importance of your livelihood. Our team knows that downtime results in lost income, and we won’t let that happen. Our bread and butter is office relocation services and logistics. No other commercial moving company can match our value and timelines thanks to our detailed preparation, specialized services, and unmatched office furniture moving and packing expertise.

How Do Office Moves Work?

The Jump Street Movers team understands that moving an office is unique and requires an out-of-the-box approach. Our personalized moving plans will help you prepare and execute your office move to perfection. Count on our team of professionals to provide you with top-of-the-line moving services. Within a few days, we’ll have your office functioning smoothly. As part of our professional moving services, we offer:
  • From small to large business moving: Jump Street Movers have the experience and expertise to handle any project no matter how large.
  • Night moving: Professional movers provide nighttime moving services so your office move won’t interfere with your workday.
  • Planned floor plans: Our movers will set up your office exactly how you want it in your new location with detailed floor plans
  • A precise placement: we design our floors to your exact specifications, including placement down to the inch
  • Liquidation: Moving experts will take care of removing and disposing of unwanted office equipment, supplies, and furniture
  • Warehousing services: we provide receiving merchandise, inventory control, photographic inventory, code reading, logistics, and setup services.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Into an Office?

As a moving company, Jump Streets Movers understands each event has specific requirements. We work closely with the event planner to meet those rearranging requirements. We are flexible and detail-oriented, offering set-up and take-down services, item delivery according to the event’s schedule, and furniture & equipment placement based on the company’s needs. We also take care of electrical connections and lighting you may need.

Various variables determine how much it will cost to move your office. There are a variety of costs associated with moving, including insurance, cleaning, and utility setup. With Jump Street Movers, you will be assigned a project manager. With the help of a detailed moving plan, he creates a schedule, floor plans, and specialized tasks for the project. Moving your office becomes seamless and stress-free with this service. You will get the finest value for your move when you let us make it go smoothly. The experts at our relocation company ensure that your move is efficient and that you make the most of your money. We do it by providing the most convenient features in all aspects.

Even though office moves can be expensive, there are several ways to save money. Savings during an office move can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Make a plan in advance
  • Sell or give away any unwanted or unneeded items before moving
  • Save money by moving during off-peak times, such as weekdays or during the winter months

Relocating an Office is a Complex Process

The process of moving your office needs to be carefully planned to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. An office move is successful when you choose more fluent alternatives as follows:

  • Disassembling, wrapping, and packing large, valuable equipment and reassembling it at the new location
  • Management of inventory in a detailed manner in order to keep track of all movement of items.
  • For technology equipment installation, we have on-site IT specialists.
  • Teamwork and excellent communication make your move go smoothly and you are back to business as soon as possible.

Services for Moving at Night

Since nobody wants to be offline during business hours resulting in lost productivity, time is of the essence when doing an office move. This issue can be avoided by using Jump Street Movers’ night moving services. You get the following benefits when you use our exclusive night moving services:
  • We perform your move through the night
  • An in-depth moving plan
  • Team with extensive experience and efficiency
  • Accommodations and flexibility in meeting preferences
  • Efficiency in time management
  • The least amount of disruption possible
  • We perform your move through the night
  • An in-depth moving plan
  • Team with extensive experience and efficiency
  • Accommodations and flexibility in meeting preferences
  • Efficiency in time management
  • The least amount of disruption possible
Our team, trucks, and timing will be precise because Jump Street Movers has mastered this process.